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Meet the Oceanographer “Devil Diver”

Celebrate diving history with this iconic timepiece. In 1972, the unique Oceanographer dive automatic watch was introduced featuring a rotating bezel with black and red detail. The timepiece earned its nickname “Devil Diver” when Bulova famously printed “666 feet” on the original dial.


A Tribute to the iconic 1970’s Oceanographer Dive watches

The Oceanographer Dive watch earned a cult following for its alter ego the “Devil Diver”. Breaking with the conformity of the traditional 200m used by Swiss watchmakers, Bulova famously printed “666 feet” on the original dial referring in imperial system terms to the depth that the timepiece could withstand underwater.

An original reborn

The reissued Oceanographer “Devil Diver” features a sleek black dial and modern upgrades like a 44mm case, box sapphire crystal with blue anti-reflective coating and double-press fold-over buckle closure on the bracelet.

Authentic Design

The new version of the Oceanographer remains mostly accurate to its ‘70’s forebear in its design including a vintage crosshair on the dial and an Automatic movement. The Devil Diver’s iconic red and blue bezel remains as does the original Bulova logo.


The Oceanographer is water resistant up to 666 feet and is ISO certified.



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